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Vision Care Real Estate Services

Starting your own private practice can be both exciting and daunting.  At Phelps & Frias Commercial Realty, we have experts who understand the unique needs and challenges of the vision care industry.  Are you considering a private practice with a traditional optical?  Boutique practice with independent frame lines?  Medical optometry practice?  Referral-based specialty contact lens services, vision therapy, or vision rehabilitation clinic?  Our Phelps & Frias Commercial Realty team can help you find the best location for your practice.

We are a full-service tenant representative brokerage firm who works exclusively with healthcare providers.  We never represent the Landlord, so your interests are always our utmost priority.  Armed with an extensive knowledge of market trends and current demographic reports, our team will guide you through the site selection process.  Once we have identified the ideal location, our team will negotiate the best possible lease terms including lowest possible rental rates, maximum Tenant Improvement dollars, longest possible free rent, exclusivity clause, option periods, and other conditions as they pertain to the success of your practice.  If needed, we also work closely with other professionals who can help you with other facets of your project:  attorneys who specialize in entity formation and contract law; lenders with optometry-specific financial products; contractors who are familiar with an optometric practice’s specific retail, clinical, and laboratory needs; as well as equipment and supply vendors.  Our Phelps & Frias Commercial Realty team will guide you every step of the way.

We partner with key vendors, equipment specialists, lawyers, lenders, contractors that will add value to your team while ensuring the most successful real estate transaction and project for your dental practice. 

Our vision care real estate experts have extensive experience negotiating and advocating for:

Vision Therapists
Opticians or other vision specialists

We understand how the layout of exam lanes, presentation of the optical area and ability to incorporate new technologies into the office affects efficiency and profitability.  

Our tenant representation program will provide you with a  range of services, including lease negotiations and renewal, in-depth site, demographic analysis, development and project management services. 

We realize that every new optometry office is different, and every optometrist has distinct business objectives and goals for building, maintaining, and growing a client base. At Phelps & Frias Commercial Realty, we take the time to advise you on the best options for your practice and analyze your unique goals to match you with the perfect property solutions and take several factors into consideration during our search, including:

Desired square footage
Preferred demographics for the target patient base
Rental rates within your specified budget
Tenant analysis to find complementary co-tenants with similar client demographic preferences
Accessibility, visibility and epicenter of commerce to grow your business in the future

Our knowledge and expertise will help to guide you through the whole process, making it seamless and stress-free.

Now I will close one eye. Doctor checking little girl sight and tuning the phoropter.

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